November 17, 2008

in war, it's not whose right, it's whose left

Ok. Even though I am not enrolled there anymore, for the first time since I can recall, that doozy school is accepting submissions for a t-shirt design for their annual Pancake Madness. It's this night of free breakfast foods in the D-Hall the night before finals week. I've never had the luck or chance of scoring one of their elusive free tees since they're so scarce in general, and I'm not too fond of the bad music and riotous swarms of syrup-craving freshmen. I'm surprised every year how I never hear of an epic food fight. I would usually just go for a hot minute, steal lots of mini pastries (well not steal since it's technically free for students) and run away with my loots and hang out with friends and eat that loot.

In any event, This:

led to this:

Hi. Don't judge me.

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K-Hawk said...

That is histerical. Submit it.