November 20, 2008

it's a god awful small affair

Noteworthy event of the day: trekking through the retail warzone that is the Union Square Forever 21 for more high-waisteds, I heard Flight of the Conchords song for the ladies of the world play on the stereo followed by an epic seamless transition into that Kanye song (the one where some breathy female voice says "flashy" a lot. I don't know current things, sorry) mixed with the chorus from Feist's Inside and Out AND mixed/intercut with Sufjan Stevens' Abraham. And it was GOOD.

This blew my mind. As did the line for the fitting rooms. Eff that S.

I watched the epi of Life on Mars I worked on and saw fragments of my face for fractions of a second. I recognized a lot of the people I chatted with there though. Including the scientist! Ehh so not worth the hundred bones.

Other than that,
A lot of things happen and I don't know what for. A lot of times, in writing. Tell me, is it better to fade out or terminate? I think it would be pretty grand if every sort of hopeful thing that happened in 2008 came to some sort of real and actual fruition real soon. I would like to be comfortable having expectations in the coming new year. I would like to have something to write home about. For reals this time.

Since I'm to endure a true NYC winter all the way through this time (style + substance = compulsory), this year, I've relented and invested in a puffy coat. Usually I'm not partial to these sleeping-bag-eqsue type coats because I feel like the Michelin Man, rotund and ungainly. But you can't deny that down is the best sort of warmth insulator. I've been eyeing this number for a while every time I work and now, she is mine!


random acts of life said...

ahh i found myself in the same shock and fascinated
moment a couple months ago ( which had to because shopping has not been a frequent activity due to economic plunge) i guess i myself had never gave f21 the credit i should, considering the union square location is a place i hit up when ever my wallet lets me. perhaps its the fact i feel i'm at a walmart waiting in those godforsaken lines to try on shirt on.

winter is going to be cold.


TRONMomma said...

Whose coat is that (like brand/designer). I have one similar that is a Marc Jacobs, but the zipper is designed by Satan I need a new long puffy winter coat. Such a pity, it is really warm and stylish, but the zipper always breaks and I get trapped inside a down cocoon whilst inside and then I get overheated and frustrated and have to wriggle my way out. Only when I emerge from my cocoon I'm not a butterfly, but rather an angry overheated 20-something.