November 5, 2008

this is the only time I'll ever talk about politics ever probably

Let me just say, that I'm all about political righteousness. In fact, I really like the word "righteousness." It sounds exactly like what it is. A lot of ch and ss in succession. Sounds good on the tongue.

I had a discussion with some guy from Chicago about how New Yorkers (especially NYCers) are so egocentric in thinking that their way of thinking is the right way and if you don't think like us then you're crazy and narrow-minded. I get a bit annoyed when I hear people talking trash about people voting for McCain. As if that person is wrong and stupid and what they support is wrong. I suppose, people who follow the sort of thing McCain stands for will think the same way about Obama-voters.
As a New Yorker and a pretty liberal-minded female, yeah, I'm all about Barack. Apart of intelligent-type things to like him for, he has a pretty sexy baritone voice and his wife is cool and seems like she'd make a really chill first lady. But I'm still kind of disappointed in the Americans who feel that they can terrorize or persecute others who either vote Republican or don't vote at all. That's just ignant.
America gives the choice of electing our leaders as well as choosing not to. Which is awesome about this country. Lots of other things are not. And let's face it. No matter who wins this election I sorely doubt the lot of those things will be remedied or improved.

But yeah. Alright. I am actually pretty relieved that Obama won. It's pretty "monumental." That's what the guy on the TV said just now. Monumental. I'll agree with that. I'll also agree with the uplifting patriotic Spielberg/Independence Day kind of music they have going on in the background.

And now I can go on to greater concerns:
Like how Thanksgiving/Christmas is right around the corner and HOW MUCH I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON SO EFFING HARD.

The addition of seasonal eggnoggy/cidery/pepperminty beverages in cafes and restaurants makes me ridiculously happy. As do fingerless gloves. And Mariah Carey's Christmas album.


ryan said...

victory in japan

Alaina Stamatis said...

snobs as they are, more new yorkers should've voted for a 3rd party candidate. it would have made their vote actually "count"

also, i'm streaming christmas episodes of This American Life 'cause i'm also fucking ready for lil baby jesus o nazareth my body odor is reminiscent of eggnog