November 27, 2008

where have all the cowboys gone

I've spent the morning (aka I woke up at noon on the DOT, mind you) in my PJ's fasting for the impending Thanksgiving feast at my aunt's house. I've been perusing fashion and style blogs on the internets. One of them is an impossibly cleverly stylish 12 year old from some sort of suburban place where they use aluminum siding on their houses. Most of the girls are pretty waifs from California with an affinity for Manhattan's skyscraper aesthetics. I dig it.

I think at one time a few months ago I mused starting a style blog, thinking it was a totally original thing to do when it was totally not original at all. I didn't, because a lot of times getting dressed in the morning stresses me out and I don't need the results of that stress documented photographically on some public platform. And then have to explain myself.

If there's one thing I loathe doing, it is explaining myself.

And I don't need another reason to fuck around on the internet more than I already do. I need a more social hobby.

I also found a one, Alex Ostrowski, who is a graphic designer in England (I'm pretty sure it's England, or somewhere in the UK) who makes books like this one:

In which he prefaces by saying:

"In one way or another we are all looking for happiness. Some people even say that man's sole purpose for existence is to hunt down and capture this intangible and elusive treasure. In 2006 researchers at The University of Leicester concluded that Denmark is the happiest country in the world - this was good enough for me. In March 2008 I made the decision to visit happiness, and embarked upon a pilgrimage to find it. My experiences are presented in this book.

Only one copy exists."

And naturally he is a musician as well (indie/electro/pop according to Myspace), which I always think is another excuse to make awesome album art and the like. I also think it's easier somehow to get commercial success in the pop music industry in England. They just seem much more open to art in general. I say this because the ratio of 17 year old boy rock bands that are well known in England is significantly higher across the pond than in the US. All the rock stars in the US are like... 28.

I can tell this is a half empty situation here...

In any event, I need to get ready for lots of food. Wear the pants with extra lycra. And flannel of course. It is Thanksgiving, after all. A geek-chic one at that apparently...
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