December 20, 2008

drink up baby, look at the stars

I do not like snow days generally. Not here in this house, where paths must be cleared of lawsuit-threatening snow and I just don't feel like going outside. And it's my day off anyway so I won't.

What I have to show for this is a clean pile of laundry and a new cover. I'd been meaning to do this one for some time now and it happened. It took approximately 2.5 hours. I'm sufficiently pleased with it but all that means is that I'll listen to to it and shudder and when that gets unbearable go back and redo everything but probably forget to save it. And then lose interest.

In any event. It's here. It's on top. It's rainy.

I'm excited for Henry's debut show tomorrow.
I just got Neko Case's Blacklist and it's amazing. Because she is amazing. She's got the best voice this side of the mason dixon line, I believe. One of them, anyhow.

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