December 28, 2008

he sent you a racehorse for christmas and you keep it just for fun

My mom took me shopping in stead of a Christmas morning without opening any gifts. Which is fine by me, I suppose. I found what I was looking for- tall black boots and this lovely leather number- a convertible tote handbag [it's a fine designer copy of the Anna Corinna city tote I was coveting].

While transferring my purse things from one bag to the new one I decided to take inventory of what exactly I carry around in that thing. It all weighs probably between 5-7lbs.

  • one small gray notebook [containing various train schedules]
  • checkbook
  • datebook
  • one pair black fingerless gloves
  • Halls cough lozenges, value pack
  • one pack of Dentyne Ice gum
  • one small tube of Carmex
  • one 2oz bottle of contact lens solution
  • one jar of Burts Bees hand salve
  • foldable subway map
  • one squished granola bar
  • sunglasses
  • one half empty pack of Djarums
  • camera
  • one blue permanent marker
  • one yellow hi-lighter
  • two pens
  • one hair clip
  • Tylenol
  • one sanitary napkin
  • travel-sized pack of Kleenex
  • one travel-sized Toms of Maine deodorant

[Not shown: Change purse, card case, cell phone, cosmetics bag (crash pack, more like it), a book I am reading (currently Twilight)]

Yes, that is a raccoon tail key chain that swings from my purse. Deal with it.


Shes Dressing Up said...

Haha I always find old, squashed cereal bars in my bags. I have no idea how they get there.

Vera said...

hahah great post!