December 23, 2008

I guess you must be runnin out of fools

I'm beginning to suspect that my feet and ankles hate me and are breaking. Maybe I stand on them weird because they are hurting in ways that they should not and I'm worried that this is going to be some sort of Old Yeller situation. Because I don't have health insurance and what will I do if it is something serious or requiring of medical attention? Retail once again ruins my life.

It is pretty much Christmas-in-your-face and I have no holiday spirit what so ever. I have not gotten anything thoughtful enough for anybody and I hate that. I have not even indulged in Starbuck's holiday beverages or gone ice skating or participated in eskimo kissing or anything like that.
Instead, I help bumbling boyfriends shop for what will most likely be disappointing gifts for their girlfriends, at my job. And then feel a little bit bitter but not really. I have to catch myself from running away with "this time last year" thoughts. Things are much better now.

I was rereading Eeeee Eee Eeee but it was just bringing me down, so I picked up Simone's copy of Twilight when I left her apartment this morning. I was late to work but I didn't care. I'm hoping the cover image will have some sort of metaphorical meaning in the book. So far, I don't think that it will. I also think, I could write this. I also think Kristen Stewart is overrated a bit.

I watched Love Actually when I got home from work. It was successful in cheering me up. I felt sorry for Laura Linney this time.

As was Amy's Solstice get-together Sunday night. It reminded me that now the days can only get longer. More sunlight whoo! Nate made his family recipe cookies. I ate a lot of them. He saved an extra one wrapped in a paper napkin for me when he walked me to the door.
"For the walk to the subway," he said. Nate is a very thoughtful friend. His thoughtfulness is likely to get me fat. It was a really greasy delicious cookie. One time he visited me at work with a chocolate mousse. Sometimes he stops by my work with one of the dogs he walks in the neighborhood. The last one was the fattest pug ever, named Rocko. Rocko is roughly ottoman-shaped. He snorted a lot.

I am frustrated creatively. That's it. Mostly.

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