December 17, 2008

if you got the time, I got the line

Today I helped this woman buy $627 worth of goods from my store. She went around really rushed-like and called me "babe" and picked up things she just eyed and bought them without even properly inspecting them and her credit card was one of those black amexes made of metal. That means you're really rich.
She really liked the coat I picked out for her. I had the same one in "bordeaux" before I returned it because I feel weird in puffy coats.

And the entire time I couldn't help thinking of that one time Simone and I were in the Food Emporium, eyeing the tabloids and something about her and her husband was on them and we both wondered what that relationship would be like and Simone just shrieked, "I'M RACHEL RAYYYYY!" and we laughed for approximately 2.7 hours and I think a little bit of pee came out.
I remember that vividly to this day.

More than just a little bit of pee may have came out.

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