December 2, 2008

is it love or is it Paris?

Here are a couple things that have made my day pretty great:

Received my Sufjan Steven's Christmas collection in the mail today. The album art/liner notes/silly comics were all worth getting the set and not just downloading it off iTunes. More and more I realize I appreciate album artwork. Now if only there was a way to instantly get that into my hands, just as conveniently as iTunes offers.

Working on F of the C-chords. I have photos that I'm legally bound not to post on this here blorg. But it was a relatively painless experience, round II of extra work. I say relatively because while it only lasted a minute 4 hours, I was to stand in the frigid outside on some random Chinatown street in heels dressed in my non-seasonal (but really fall/spring) outerwear which was not very insulating. After a while I wasn't sure which was worse, the biting cold or the fact that my feet were numb from heels/cold.
I did chat with the actress who plays Mel and Bret a bit though. That was pleasant.

"Are you one of the gel girls?" she asked me.
"Gel girls?" I replied. "I thought they were calling us groupies or whatever... what's a gel girl?"
"I mean... it's what you are." She deadpanned.

I spent the downtime in holding, flipping through the newest issue of Nylon with Lily Allen on the cover (bless her british heart). In it, there was this article on this artist, Kime Buzzelli who makes paintings of girls, like this one here.

She quotes the Belles of the Black Diamond Field [I don't know who/what they are]:
"Soft is harder than the hardest hard. Sweetness is stronger always. These are difficult realizations for any human being, but what it is to be strong and female means to be brazenly feminine, not merely to imitate or be the counterpart of the masculine."
I'm still pondering that. But also agreeing with it, for the most part.

The article about Lily Allen wasn't completely mind-blowing, but a nice page regardless. She's chopped her hair off into this fierce razored shag. The article says "her idea of fun these days is 'cooking for somebody I'm falling in love with, watching TV, and then having sex.'"
Lily and I have that in common, I suppose. Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas if you" runs through my head.