December 12, 2008

i've got my luffs to keep me warm

This tron-looking set of headgear comes courtesy of Adrian, once he had plunked down for his DJ equipment. We convened for a mixing sesh at his apt and he surprised me with this lovely acoustic gift.
"Mostly, I got it for you because we need to match," he rationed, after I jumped up and down with glee, tearing off the brown paper wrapping.
We spent the rest of the night shredding shit out of those mixers. He is much better than I at it.
And then we watched Jumper wherein I legitimized Hayden Christiansen as one pretty piece of manboy. And Samuel L as one badass electro-wand-wielding mofo.

Now I can ride the subway and no one will disturb me. Stereo headphones, especially ones as chromey/large and in charge as these, will deter anyone from trying to penetrate their audio-barracade.
Unlike the other night, when some strange fellow on the E train sitting next to me wouldn't stop looking at me until I said "Are you okay?" to which he replied, "...You're really pretty."
We talked about Dr.Scholl's shoe inserts and something else I don't remember after that.
He wasn't half bad-looking either, except something about the way he spoke suggested a mild form of tweaked-in-the-head.

I bought these ear muffs from a street vendor one cold and blistery night on a whim and lo and behold they were broken! Instead of letting street vendor win, I went home and tore off the puffs and glued them to another functional headband. Voila. No longer broken, and now my ears can be warm and enveloped in rabbity puffs.

This winter is going to be awesome. I have many things to put on my head.

Xmas shopping still proving difficult/lazy/nonchalant/augh! My creative ideas are running on 1 gallon to empty. Christmas morale is low. I'm not gonna front.

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