December 28, 2008

nerdtacular spectacular

Since I was 11, I have been increasingly visually impaired. At first, I was amused by the novelty of wearing glasses because I could look smart and stuff. And see better. I only used them to look at the chalkboard in class and maybe at the movies. I didn't realize I probably should've been wearing them all the time and that's why every annual optometrist visit confirmed that I was getting blinder ever year. Until I got contact lenses and now I have plateaued at some level of blurry nearsightedness. I probably wouldn't be comfortable now driving without glasses/lenses on. Granted the one time I actually had a car accident, it had nothing to do with prescriptions.

Rifling through the top left drawer of my bureau in my bedroom, which is the designated "drawer of shit I use regularly" [lots of wires, headphones, glasses, batteries, thingamabobs, etc], I found my collection of spectacles through the years.

Here is a chronological survey. I am not wearing makeup.

Ages 11-13


contact lenses[constant]

The only discernible pattern is that I alternate choices between metal and plastic frames each time I get a new pair. My current ones are metal/frameless.

Since I've been wearing the same pair of expired contact lenses since October now and they are really starting to irritate one of my eyes, I can't be bothered and just wear my glasses much more frequently now.
I find that wearing glasses gives me low self-esteem and pretty much disintegrates what confidence I have. I feel frumpy and plain. And I don't like the feeling of this foreign thing on my face. Just hovering there, pinching the bridge of my nose which always leads to a headache. They also make my bangs look all funny, they way they fall on the frames, which is another annoying issue altogether. I think cutting my bangs would remedy this entirely to a significant degree.

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