December 15, 2008

oh your petty things!

  • I have a cripping addiction to red velvet cake. Preferably vegan.
  • I spend all my money on myself when I should be spending it on holiday gifts for others.
  • My left contact lens perpetually is so uncomfortable.
  • I may just switch to glasses? But then I will look like a nerd and not be able to wear eye makeup really because glasses make your eye makeup look silly or overdone or something inappropriate like that.
  • And I really like mascara. It makes me feel girly.
  • I just spent cumulatively like 3 hours trying to decide what album to buy to make my purchase over $25 to get free shipping before deciding that I couldn't pick anything to make it worth spending the extra so I'd just buy the two albums I want from Virgin Megastore. E-commFAIL.
  • I am still awake why?
  • I just discovered a new teen soap, Skins, on BBC America. Talk about drama. Talk about corny! It's like Degrassi for England. I may very well be hooked.
  • I'm suddenly really terrible at getting back to people. I apologize.
  • I forget where any of this was going. Nowhere, I believe.
  • What would you like for Xmas?


Anonymous said...

Get Amazon prime. Then you can order a paperclip and get free shipping or a reasonable overnight rate.

Simone said...

i've got an amazon wishlist.