December 4, 2008

seven swans

This may be the only photo I'm legally allowed to post on this here blorg. And the only thing I'm happy to have at the end of the week's shoot. We compared and contrasted hair product usage between dudes and chicks. I hopefully convinced him that dudes using product in their hair is less desirable. Ain't nobody wanna run their fingers through your tresses only to pull back a hand covered in oil and texurizing pomade.
"Oh yeah, that's kind of gross," he agreed.
"So not sexy... and high maintenance!" I reiterated.
"That could go both ways though."
"Yeah, I guess. But if your girl doesn't let you touch her hair ever, you may want to reevaluate that relationship."
"Hm, I never thought of it that way."
"Facts of life, my friend."

One 80s music video shoot later, and I've sufficiently charmed my way into the hearts of several crew members, the craft services manager (probably the most important person on set, if you want the good snacks), and managed to have some sort of memorable rapport with the director and some screen regulars. As well as our on-set handler, the PA who's job it is to babysit noobs like me. With enough hours to while away waiting around to shoot, I managed to avoid boredom by striking up conversation with various members of the team- all of which were really lovely hospitable people. I also probably noshed my weight in trail mix, coffee, and catering. Considering that most crew members on a film shoot are like some watered-down more polite version of the stereotypical city construction worker, coupled with the fact that wardrobe (in consideration of my role which requires being really cute) put me in some pretty hip body-con duds, it wasn't difficult at all being approached by any/everyone I encountered while curiously dawdling around the studio and set.

On a sort of side note: I managed to make an outfit several sizes too large look kind of cute and hip.

Ok, so I've deducted that film work is not torturous when you actually enjoy the project you're working on and the people are nice and friendly and don't just treat you like some numbered nuisance.
I can't say anything about the epi, but from what I read in the script and the music video, it's pretty hilarious.

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