December 23, 2008

things I regret that will continue existing in my face probably all the time

Simone and I baked red velvet cupcakes with peppermint icing last night. I ate three in the process.

After eating a calzone thing from a pizzeria with Dan.

I am beginning to read Twilight. It's really thick [Oh, Simone, I nicked your copy in your room].

I took the G to the L this morning because I felt that it was too cold to wait for the B61. I was 9 minutes late to work.

I think something is malfunctioning with the mini travel-sized Toms of Maine deodorant I keep in my backpack. I felt that I smelled bad all day, but it wasn't BO.

The garment rack that serves as my closet in my room is wilting on one side. The side that holds jackets and cardigans.

I have -15% holiday cheer.

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