December 22, 2008

deep red bells

Nate: a poorly-wrapped xmas present.

Solstice. Now with more Sunlight!


Henry's first show went spectacularly well! They let me play the jangly bits. Though the quality of this digicam-recorded video is annoyingly mediocre, it does not distract from the success factor of this dreamboat factory.
I wanted to have their band shirts printed and ready for distribution, however, there were no buxom blondes on which to model them. Plus SVA just closed for winter break. College establishments once again contribute to ruining my life.
They talked about going on tour and I talked about stowing away. I will make myself essential. Somehow.

Oh. I'm too tired and chilly to do anything anymore. I've stopped resting. I sleep and I wake up and I feel tired all the time. I never feel as tired as I do just waking up.
I've also begun having very strange and vivid dreams. But I forget most of them by the time I'm out of the shower. I just wake up feeling vaguely anxious and upset that things are not the way they are in my subconscious. My subconscious is a tease, I believe. And a pervert.

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