January 21, 2009


So I finagled with the 3Story Design site tonight. I also learned Adobe Illustrator by struggling to create this simple logo for us. I gave up and just used Photoshop after a while. I'd never done logos before. I guess I do that now.

What's 3 Story Design, you say? Grace, Simone and I teamed up to do what most people aim to do with their youth- quit your day job and do what you love rather than just having some bill-paying job to survive.

I screenprint tees, Simone makes felt empires, Grace makes this really great jewelery from tiny foods. We'll be having a table at Artists&Fleas in Williamsburg next month. It will pick up where the internet failed. AKA I'm lazy at e-comm promotionalizing.

I need to do one more round of printing before I'll be satisfactorily ready. I need to do some new designs. I think the success of our debut will decide whether I invest in that DSLR or not.

I should probably get a decent night's sleep as well.
Some strange things happened today. The nosebleeds are back with a vengence.

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