January 8, 2009

I've got a BFA in passive aggression

A visit to the MoMa always makes me ask myself, "THAT'S art? Art in the MoMa? Seriously?"
And then that query is always followed by a less enthused, "Why didn't I think of that..."

Here are such examples:

This is a mirror with a light in it. [?]

Now here are the opposite of those things!

Adrian and I stopped by the Nokia store to check out my thing. It was small and unimpressive and I couldn't get the motion sensor to work when I came on so I didn't get to see myself really. It's a 2-way mirror so that's difficult viewing enough. And the door greeter guy was looking at us funny because we were hovering by the "video art installation" booth. Whatever.

Also, there is a good chance I would have been probably assaulted had I not taken assertive actions last night on the train when some punkass thug was trying to mess with me. I always wondered how I would react if I got attacked or something in a bad part of town all alone at night or something. It turns out, I act very reasonably. Almost polite. Followed by a series of stealthy evasive maneuvers.
By the time I got home I had so much adrenaline pumping through me I think I was buzzing. Or vibrating or something. Fuck Flatbush.

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Vera said...

nice pictures. thanks for sharing, the second one really is one of those :-S ..