January 7, 2009

things I considered while I was busy not thinking about you

I walked into the JAS Mart on St. Marks for no real reason other than I had ten minutes to wile away before dinner plans. I think I went in musing something about matcha. Instead of premium green tea, however I found the haircare aisle in which everything was in Japanese and small concise packaging. My eye was caught by these kewpie-eyed cuties.

I had been debating what to do with my hair now that it is completely in between that growing out bangs stage and is the normal kind of color, aside from some faded remanants of the last time I dyed my hair I don't even remember in the spring. Oh yeah. Henry was dying his hair red and I played with the leftover stuff he didn't use.

Considering I've never actually used hair products specifically for asians (it was most likely even imported from Japan) I figured if it is for asian people it will most likely work. Unlike all the unsatisfying times I've attempted to go brunette, used a box of "golden blonde" only to end up with dark dark brown hair. Very anticlimatic. And so I mused further. I was telling Julius just the other day, something must be done. Either a cut or color or both.
"Both!" He said enthusiastically.

I couldn't read any of the directions on the box. I think the girls at the check-out counter were giggling at me. I decided that just because I stumbled upon Japanese haircare products doesn't mean I have to use them. I should think this one out this time. Be prudent. It could go horribly awry, being a foreign import and all. I will deliberate this.

After an exciting dinner discuss and setting plans and funds in motion, next month I will be a resident at Artists&Fleas in Williamsburg and hopefully will make some dough on my tees. I tried ordering more to print on from Alternative Apparel but their website was difficult. I think it hated me. After an hour of failed attempts at making it give me what I want, I emailed their customer service and now I'm bracing myself for a battle with HR. Ack.

From the time I left work this afternoon to the end of dinner, I recognized two past customers I've sold the same coat to in different colors. One in the Union Square Barnes&Noble and another at Veselka, waiting for the restroom. One of them is a very nice boy with a funny name who regularly shops and is cheerfully polite to me. The other is some Canuck.
My photographic memory is a stalker's wet dream. Or like a crime scene re-enactment dramatization at 2am on UPN.

Today, I got my benefits. Now I have health insurance. Whoo! Now I can go to the doctor and hopefully they can tell me good things about life and living.

I also ate a red velvet cupcake for breakfast. Crap.

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