February 7, 2009


I counted 49 shirts in preparation for tomorrow's debut marketry.
I attempted to put them in a duffel bag. They didn't fit.
I attempted to put them in a weekender bag. They did not fit.
I attempted to put them in a rolling luggage and they still didn't fit.
I then tried to put them in a bigger rolling luggage. They still didn't all fit.

And then I consulted Google and figured out how to fold t-shirts into pellets roughly the length and width of a dollar. Just like in the army.

Now times that by 49 and here is the result: a pile of T-shirt pellets, perfectly prepared for a t-shirt launching gun that I wish I had now that I think about it.


Paul, Vlad, Steve, Mike said...

yo sabez hook hook up da band with some shirts we'll pay you half price HOWEVER well buy you a lunch. think bout it. IM lovin' all this cradftz

(oh)joneses said...

my mother made fun of me for folding my shirts like this as a child. look at the army fold now, you're gonna make it famous.