February 11, 2009

gnome place like home

Being sick makes me sleep well into the afternoon.
Being sick makes me really slothful and lazy and fast movements make me dizzy.
Being sick requires a lot of tissues.

This is all well known information. What I did not expect was the one time I ventured out of my house to go to the local grocery store for some soup-making ingredients, I had a very strange paranoia about me.
Okay, so I don't care about appearances since I already feel shitty, to be presentable for public in such a sniffly state. I was quite certain that I was repulsing people. I had come to terms with this.
In the aisles of the Associated I felt that some of them maybe followed me and snickered or something.
Why was I so paranoid?
I don't like it. I left as soon as possible, forgetting to pick up some other things I meant to purchase.
Like Fig Newtons.

I have done nothing productive at all today except throw out a bunch of old magazines. And make soup. And eat that soup. I have squandered this day off probably.

I did however, make a 209 song playlist with which to add to my job's iPod so we don't have to listen to the same horrific music we've been listening to every day since opening. The guy they hired to compile that playlist is a very nice man but it is clear he doesn't realize that the repetition of all this pesudo-disco/glam80's/acceptably indie music is a slow form of torture and annoyance.
Thusly I labeled the playlist "UNSQ vs. Gerald."


Anonymous said...

It is all fun how we discover each other in life....So I accidentally read your blog dated Oct. 23 2008 "My heart is in the right place. My head in the dirt. " I was googling my own facebook status "I always put my heart in the right place. And Now I am all boiled up and ready to go." Somehow your blog springs up. Clearly we feel similar about things but I like to put a little masculine trist on the thing. Haha. ^_^ I will keep an eye on your blog.It is all very nice to know you.

kateteej said...

at my chiropractor's office, i hear "Physical" by Olivia Newton John at least once per visit. That will give you a stress headache for sure.