February 17, 2009

hobo living

While I am awaiting furniture delivery I am currently living on the floor. I feel homeless. This is also the only habitable room since all other rooms are being renovated and are covered in a fine layer of dust. I am living out of boxes and bags.
I appreciate having surfaces, since living on the floor. It has only been 4 hours.
Where will I put my cup of tea? On the floor. Where do I sit? On the floor. I miss having a multi-leveled living space.

I also forgot the powercord to my macbook at the other place and now I have anxiety about that.

Moving is such a bitch. Why do I have so much stuff? When did I get so much stuff? How did I let it get so bad? I was seriously disappointed when I realized that this would be the easiest thing if I had super strength and I could just pick up everything in two hands and plop it from one place to another. I find that I am still unsatisfied that life doesn't offer the possibility of genetic mutation and/or "magic" to make this possible. It's the only practical thing super strength is good for. Moving. And maybe opening spaghetti sauce jars. Those are tough.

I am made to feel very alienated now considering that all I have to come home to is a pile of blankets on the floor and an empty apartment. There is literally nothing in here.

I need to buy toothpaste and dish soap and food. And curtains.