February 8, 2009

Vitamin C to shining C

Ok. So after a lark B and I entertained many moons ago about having a race of who could grow out her hair the fastest, I finally went to the Organic Naturals shop while I was in Wburg and picked up a box of those vitamin supplements that are supposed to expediate this sort of thing. And give you nicer skin and nails and stuff. Basically any sort of protein-based organ on your body. Makes it all pretty and whatnot.

After some feeble internet research I basically learned that Biotin, MSMs (a whole lotta amino acids) and maybe horse tail extract are the stuff that does this. So I purchased the stuff with the most of all of these things.
If this sounds like witchcraft potion sorcery, it's because it most likely is.

Taking one softgel daily, I began last night.
I am going to document the process.

Day 2:

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