February 5, 2009

you can paint it any color, just as long as I could live with you

I will always be amazed at how everything you could ever need or want, you can find at Target. Even a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. Taco Hut.
On a rare day in which I have access to a car I took advantage and drove to the nearest epi-center for I don't even know what. I ended up spending two hours there. Debating over cereals, browsing the clothes and shoes, hunting for supplies for this Saturday's flea market, etc.

I left with hooks, wiring, purple tights, soy milk, cereal, a poster frame and these $6 flats.

I used the poster framing for this housewarming plate for Henry and Amy and Jason. I don't know how I feel about giving "art", let alone stuff I made, as a housewarming gift, but I hear that is classy sort of. I hope they like it. Or at least not keep it in the coat closet.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty mirror behind it. I have a lot of pens.

I attempted finagling with my taxes today. I basically stared at a pile of W2 forms, put them in a neat pile, and then walked away from them. Also, insurance will not totally reimburse me for my eyeglasses and that blows. The only thing it insures is that I will never be completely satisfied.
All of this financial shaftiness is driving me to ebay.

I watched some clips of Mad Men, finally submitting to the hype. It has the whole men vs. women dynamic of the 50's down, which generally I frown upon, but managed to hold my attention with a few sexy office affair scenes.
I think that's the success factor of most cable hourly dramas. Sexy office affairs.


Except that I can't work in an office because that sort of environment makes me positively homicidal.
I think it's mostly the guys in suits I'd prefer.

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