March 24, 2009

chi è quella ragazza?

___ says Spring like

neu kicks!

This is the first pair of Cons I've ever owned. Now I am super American.
These are also the first pair of sneakers I can remember that don't make me feel short and frumpy. Cheers for comfortable basic footwear!

When I met up with Marmolino last night he was sporting the very same pair. Upon seeing this, I was elated. I think it's a good sign. He said he had just gotten them the other day. I haven't properly seen that kid since Italy 06. He's grown into a fine young man.

[This was taken more than two years ago while exploring the velvet-roped ruins of Pompeii]

1 comment:

Simone said...

i have those guys, but mine are super super dirty. and the soles are ungluing from the rest of the shoe. and my black ones are not very supportive with the walking.

i own a lot of cons and sadly, i want new ones.