March 28, 2009

the complications you could do without when i kissed you on the mouth

I think that when young unmarried couples travel to different countries together that is when they become bourgeois and inefficient. They keep photo albums of their trip and nobody cares. Maybe they get a tattoo together commemorating their trip and nobody cares about that either.

They return to their home countries and they are different. They see themselves as better people. They've "seen" things. They have existed in other time zones. Now they really KNOW each other and stuff. They are full of it. Don't let them try and give you advice on how to do things in a different country. It will be different for you.

After they break up-- which they will, because it is common occurrence for a couple to separate after they have seen other parts of the world together since they don't really have anything else to offer the relationship-- these photo albums will still exist. The souvenirs will take up space on their shelves. They may even have left over foreign currency.

They will look back on their travels and lament all the exotic attractive locals they did not make passes at because their boyfriend or girlfriend was by their side ALL OF THE TIME. How there was no privacy and that made them kind of uncomfortable but they weren't sure because they thought that maybe they felt weird because they are still jet lagged or adapting to the new culture and environment. But no.
They got in a small spat over bad directions or who forgot to pack what, and now that argument became a symbol for how the rest of the relationship is on a crumbling foundation and maybe this person is not the person they can really spend the rest of their life with so what is the point of prolonging a doomed relationship? These are all questions they ask themselves while they are watching an in-flight movie on the way home and maybe the head of their significant other is resting on their shoulder and sometimes that's nice and sometimes that's just uncomfortable and this is one of those uncomfortable times but they don't want to move because that'd be rude or something. It would annoy them. The inflight movie is a romantic comedy and this just causes more anxiety and paranoia and they decide that once they land and go to their respective homes, everything will be changed and they have to go "think about things for a long while" and when they are done thinking, they will make a decision.

And they will look back on this decision and think to themselves, "I think I'll go back there... alone this time."