March 20, 2009

nothing is different, everything is the same

I just bought a moleskine notebook. Now I can be a real writer and whatever I jot down in this notebook will be "legit" and meaningful and maybe I'll actually devlop something further from it. And when I die the notebook with jottings will be found and people will think I was a brilliant writer and maybe publish it or something because they'll never knowwwwwwwwwww.

No, but really. I just needed a new pocket-sized notebook and the Strands got them for cheaper than normal. I also picked up a bunch of smallers ones to print on. Excitement abound! It's a project that's been swirling around in my head for quite some time now. On top of printing on tees, I'm not going to start experimenting with notebooks. We'll see how well that is received.

Naturally the first thing I did in my notebook is make a calender in it to record all the important engagements going on in my life. Doing this only makes me realize how I don't really have all that many important engagements.

On another note: everyone is going to Europe but me.
I prefer to horde what little money I have away in my bank account and sometimes make unwise yet satisfying purchases on flannel shirts from Uniqlo, leather jackets from H&M, cab fare, and brunch from Brooklyn Label. I'm still thinking about their challah french toast with jack daniels syrup... It has been haunting my life and my arteries.

Axel introduced me to Shake Shack yesterday on the first really nice Springy day I can remember this year. It was filled with Woody Allen overtones. And undertones too, why not. We waited on the a line to rival Disneyworld. I was skeptical. Long lines indicate good things at the end right? One Shack Stack (double cheeseburger + one mushroom patty under one bunhouse) and a Jungle Concrete (chocolate peanut butter and banana shake) later and I was convinced. It was worth the wait.
We watched dogs in the park and played 20 questions.
I am 22 years old. For some reason, I am very aware of that fact lately.

But all things considered, upon reading article upon article on Japanese street fashion and youth culture, I am determined to go to Japan and my brain will probably decay and explode from all the magnificent eye candy and it will be a satisfying death. It is my goal.
Someone give me money to go to Japan.

Then I can look like her:

Super cheerful in my patchwork lumberjack parachute dress, with my hair in a ridiculously high bun.

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K-Hawk said...

I saw a special on the Shake Shack a few months ago on the Food Network. But every time I've passed that place since the insane line has kept me away.