March 1, 2009

sorry for laughing

The night earlier, Steve left me a message asking if I was interested in going to a coworker's party, if I cared to meet his office people in case I wanted to intern with them. "And... Idon'twannagoalone." is how he ended the message. I said okay. How could I not, with an ending statement like that.

The party was at a really swanky hotel in the LES. A man in the lobby directed us to the floor of the party. He was bald except for one tiny barely perceptible tuft of hair curl right above his forehead. I think he thought that was really cool. Steve and I exchanged glances before cracking up in the elevator. Fast forward to getting lost in this post-modern maze of hospitality and somehow I ended up at the birthday party of Greg K, one third of the MisShapes. Steve introduced us and I thought he looked a bit familiar and isnt' that funny they have the same name. Oh, because they're the same person. He said his other DJ counterparts weren't coming because they were in Milan or something.

That being said, the party was surprisingly lame. The bartenders were all skinny models wearing the same silvery sheath, skulking about. I paid $10 for a gin and tonic that was 95% tonic. We left after approximately 25 minutes.

I don't know if I should be comforted or discouraged, witnessing that an internationally famous DJ has a day job.

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