March 4, 2009

the things you thought you knew before you met her

I think that a crucial hindrance to my "getting anything significant done with my young life" is that I don't get anything done in my leisure time. I spend my free days sleeping in, internetting, sometimes cooking elaborate eggs, and more sleeping.
If I get too stir crazy, or don't have any indoorsy projects to do (but I probably should get on) I go outside and walk around and stuff.

A woman on the subway tapped my hand to ask about my grenade pouch. I told her I got it in London and then we said some nice things about London and then she said "Oh, those are beautiful glasses you have on!" and I said Thank You and smiled at her.
I don't know if this is normal or not but sometimes I have to mentally tell myself "this is the part where you smile so they know you are being sincere" before actually smiling. And then I stop quickly because I feel like my face looks funny with a put-upon expression like that.

I know. You don't have to tell me. That isn't all that normal, is it.

And then there is another instance in which I managed to smile at a stranger and it was not totally unnatural-feeling. The security personnel at the 34h street H&M has a striking semblance to Owen Wilson. Owen Wilson and that belligerent British guy who use to be a Manchester United football player and now just plays belligerent soccer coaches/the Juggarnaut in teen movies (She's the Man, Eurotrip, X-Men3). In my head, I was smiling at the thought of Owen Wilson/That other guy I just said.

He approached me, studying the new graphic tee artist collaborations and said "Would you ever wear something like that?" I told him I was a graphic designer and that I was into this sort of stuff. I wanted to ask him to tell me all about catching crooks and small-time shoplifters and if it was really awkward like I always think it will be and if they cry or not and if he ever clothes-lined a guy making a run for it. And if he was ever a convict because I hear lots of security guys are former convicts on parole or something. And if people ever tell him he looks like Owen Wilson.

But I didn't.

I got sidetracked by the internet all morning. This is what I found:

Reasons I love/hate my job:

Japanese sites word things really strangely. AKA FUNNY.

My mom facebook-friended me.

I woke up to a phone call from the silver fox from SK, apologizing for the lame email he sent saying he couldn't hire me due to it being an economic failure and all. He apologized profusely in a manner that suggested he really meant it. It wasn't like a real interview, I just talked about my life and the things I do compared to the things I want to do. Every time I feel like I have to impress/interview with people I tend to ramble and think I sound really stupid.
This is the email he sent:

Hi Sabol,
Great to visit with you on Friday. Thanks for your time - Mia and I found
you charming and quite interesting. We are hoping spring weather will get
the stores going again in april - may and at that time we hopefully can
visit again.

A) Of all the ways to misspell my name, this is by far the craziest.
He reiterated on the phone how "lovely" and "charming" they found me. "I don't want to come off as... you know... but I mean, when I met you in Brooklyn I was flirting with you obviously but for now, I mean, we think you're really great is all and hope you keep in touch, blahblahblah"

I hung up, groggy and confused and could think only one thing.
Dude's like... 55.

That is by far the strangest rejection I've ever received. And there's been a lot.


Unknown said...

FYI: Vinnie Jones played for Chelsea not ManU

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Yeah, that guy.