April 20, 2009

all cars go

I forgot how much I enjoy driving on the highway with the windows down, singing country folk music really loud and bad.

I got to Henry and Amy's house in Astoria really quickly and we hugged and walked and drank way too much coffee and then spotted old furniture on the sidewalk and took that furniture home. I am now in possession of an old wooden really antique-looking end table that Adrian will probably hate but that's okay because it will live in my room.

I've an audition tomorrow. I haven't went on a casting in a really long while. The casting coordinator asked me to show up "really obnoxiously hipster, like nauseatingly trendy."

I'm stumped. I really am.

Some lady called me back about some modeling scam to confirm if I was still coming to their office today to be scammed. She wouldn't give me a name of anything, just some address where I'd mostly likely be chloroformed and mugged. If they were sophisticated enough to use chloroform. I did not want to go considering she made it sound like I called them about setting up an appointment, and I didn't. I would never do that. I am lazy and I eat too many cupcakes.
A simple phone number google confirmed that this lady is an unskilled scammer.
If you are going to pull a modeling scam, have names, and for god's sake ask for way more money than forty dollars. She got the cigarette voice down right though. I wonder if she's profited so far.

This makes me confident that I could be a con artists though.

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BEWARE bed bugs