May 21, 2009

this came with a toy

The toy was a little raccoon bandit. He had a black eye-mask, a flashlight and a little green sack with a dollar sign on it. Aside from that it didn't come with any turd accessories though.

Why do raccoons always get a bad rep for being burglars and thieves? Is it because they go through your trash and eat your trash? Because you know, once you throw it out, you are just throwing it back to the earth for a free-for-all. So they aren't stealing really. They're just making use of your trash. Which you didn't want anyway. If anything, they are recycling, one step better than you.

So just because someone else wants it, all of a sudden you want it back, and therefore they're stealing? That's not very fair, now is it. If you're willing to throw something you didn't want in a plastic bag and place it on your curb then I think you should be adult about it and just let it go. Stop being so attached to your possessions. Your old tissues and half eaten sandwiches. Your Chef Boy-R-Dees and whatnots.

They are scavengers. It's in their nature. The have opposable thumbs and rabies and babies and babies with rabies. Just leave them and their rabie-babies alone, eh?

When you google-image search the words "raccoon burglar" in that order, this is the first thing that pops up.

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