May 6, 2009

we are what we art

It has rained every single day since I moved. I have never seen this apartment in sunlight. EVER.
I thought about worrying about leaks. But then I figured I would worry about it when I discovered a leak.

I have a pile of receipts. Not from purchases, from digital-doodlings I created on the computah.
I gave one to a customer when he made his purchase. He said thanks and stuffed it in his pocket. He may have looked at it for a quick moment but he didn't make any sort of reaction. I hope that he finds it in his pocket days or weeks later and wonders what the hell it is.

Senor Sweetcheeks

Constipated Grenade

Sometimes ladies look like this

Why was 8 afraid of 7?

I hate when people squeeze toothpaste tubes from the middle.

And then it started running out of paper.

One day these will be worth no more than what they are worth today.

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