May 16, 2009

when life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super lemons

This dress is more than my rent.

Herve Leger is famous for these bandeau dresses, which basically make you look like a sexy fashion-forward mummy goddess (especially the gilded ones). Though you can't really wear conventional underwear beneath them because these lines are unforgiving as fuck.

This is a perfect example of what I am talking about with this whole coveted consumer goods business.
I mean, how can a dress made of what essentially boils down to thick stretchy colored ace bandages warrant a $1649 price tag?

One of them was on sale for $949 but it was an XXS and, alas I could not pull it over my knees.
Donning one of these slinky numbers in the Bergdorf dressing room while my fitting room attendant, Leia, graciously pandered about, "is everything going okay in there?" at least 3 times, has me convinced.

I must own one of these pieces.

The best revenge is having massive enough success to afford one of these dresses.
And that is that, Frank Sinatra.

This cute little flapper number however is only a little more than half my share of rent. a 100% cotton (the origins of this cotton remain dubious, as no "organic" or at least pima contents were promised) A-line v-neck tee shirt. Little tulle feather-shaped cutouts are sewn onto a poly... bottom panel thingy, which makes for that kicky finish. Adorable. AND attainable, considering I am confident enough if my craft abilities to knock this number off like a true mafioso.

Hammer pants? How about HAMMER SLEEVES.
SWOOP, Mothasuckas!

Crystals get their bearrings and clutch your fingers for dear crystal life!
[Uh yeah, pun intended]

On a current events note, all of the remaining colleagues who I know and know me at my Alma mater graduated yesterday. Huzzah for them. Now they can follow in the footsteps of us alums and pay too much to move to Brooklyn while they still don't know what to do with their lives.