May 29, 2009

X loves Y but Y loves Pi

Ever since I moved to the city, from the island, my skin has been slowly deteriorating. Now that I'm settled into Brooklyn since the beginning of May my skin has been blotchy, blemishy and rough to the touch. I use to pride myself on a lovely complexion and now RUBBISH.

I suspect it is the water here in the city. Tough, hard water. Some feeble googling informed me that there is quite a bit of chlorine in the water to purify it for drinking purposes, as well as fluoride for your teef, trace amounts of arsenic and copper (more depending on how rusty your pipes are), as well as other periodic elements. FUCK. I have all these safety chemicals assaulting my skin on the daily. Something must be done.

I can think of only few options for the reason of this complexion crisis:
  1. Dept of NYC water filtration doesn't want me to be pretty.
  2. I have a shit diet consisting of mostly dessert or nothing.
  3. Secret stress?
  4. Vitamin deficiency/scurvy.
  5. Mutant superpower finally. But not the kind I expected or desired.

Starting tomorrow I am going to eat lots of greens, no sugar or artificial stuff. Healthful dishes only. Also I'm going to get me some multivitamins. And fruit.

If I see no improvement in a week or two, I'm going to have to assume it's the water and purchase some sort of filter to attach to my shower head. And bathroom faucet somehow...

Shit. Science is hard.

Oh but art is easy. See?

Mooooore Moleskines! A limited set of one dozen.


pippie said...

Holy crap those look amazing! Btw, you want to clear up your skin? Do a cleanse!

Simone said...

does that really work? healthy diet, vitamins, and exercise? because if that's what it takes to have a good complexion (and probably have a healthier outlook on your life), then i'm in!