May 2, 2009

you can't pee here

I am doing laundry in the old house. Because that is where there are laundering facilities for free. In another burrough. I also had to park down the block because there is some cockamamie sad excuse for a block party going on.

As in there is ONE house on a block of probably 36 houses with old people sitting in lawn chairs on their front lawns.
And there are some children on bikes riding around.
And there is one old lady chain-smoking and glaring disapprovingly at said children.

The house is almost completely empty. It's really weird. But what's even weirder is how it even smells different. It doesn't have the same smell when you walk in that smells like home. Like the place you grew up in 22 years of your life. And there is no toilet paper anywhere. I cannot pee here. What sort of a home is that! Not a home at all.

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