June 5, 2009

my baby shot me down

At 5:22am I am awoken by a phone call that I don't answer. I listen to the voice message:

"Hey Sable, it's ___. I'm just calling to say hello... Hello!"


I try to go back to bed. AND THEN. I hear the faint buzzing of an unmistakeable mosquito. It's bitten me twice already and I can't fall asleep knowing that it's still alive with a taste for my blood. I try to fall back asleep anyway. Every 8 minutes the sucker buzzes round my head and I flail hopelessly trying to maim it. I am upset and tired and cranky. I call this person back since I'm awake anyway.

"OH my God, WHAT are you doing calling me now? Why are you UP?"
"Um... you just called me...?"

Commence a twenty minute conversation about how the person on the other line never went home and is just walking around Manhattan in the morning drizzle, kicking at lazy pigeons.

After I hang up I get water and I go back to bed and I hear the buzzing again. The reason I couldn't follow this little winged demon is because it not only flies but also jumps. WHAT. WHEN did Mosquitos develop flea-like leaping capabilities?

I eventually kill it after it has landed on my wall. I throw a pillow at him. Squished. I go back to bed.

Oh and apparently David Carradine killed himself? Kill Bill guy. This actually really kind of upsets me. I think because I always thought he looked a bit like my dad. And now he's dead. I should call my dad...

Now I'm going to print up a bunch of totes. I am so sleepy. This English weather dun help.

It's a good day to listen to campfire songs.
It's a good day to Get It Done.
It's a good day to forget that I gave my phone number to a perfect stranger last night on the G train, coming back from a friend's show in Park Slope.
The things we do...

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Simone said...

totally singing that song all last night (nancy sinatra). even recorded it! then promptly deleted it.