June 28, 2009

oh god why pt. 5/8

Walking city blocks on a Friday night oft becomes a sensory assault. Now that it's warm out, especially. My favorite is watching young girls in high heels tottering about on the shitty sidewalk in Brooklyn. Like baby giraffes taking their first steps 10 minutes after they are born. A whole lot of ankle-rolling. Yeesh.

For the most part, I cannot stay inside but I don't know that I want to go to a bar and not drink. So I go to B's house and we rant out her window at the impending brawls outside the Tacu Tacu bar across the road. We cooked pasta in vodka sauce with asiago (which I always read in my head as "Asia-GO") cheese and caught up on the Michael Jackson death coverage in front of her ridiculously large LG flatscreen. Not having a TV, I sometimes find myself gravitating towards one when I find them in other people's homes.

To my delight, opening her fridge held several yummy treats. Her recent foray into Frogtopia has stocked her fridge with gourmet hazelnut coffee, chocolate mousse and Kinder chocolate bars. After the carb-fest we each snuggled up to a single-serving chocolate mousse. In Europe they don't really use plastic, most things are in glass containers which I think is so much more precious/eco-friendly. I still have my nutella glasses from when I was in Italy 3 years ago.

Strangely enough, B's little mousse pot had a cheese-cakey odor and it seems like it had cooked in its container, the texture being bready instead of light and whipped. Mine, while thicker than usual mousse still tasted pretty good and didn't have any offending stench. B's skepticism kept her from digging in, but I practiced no restraint. There are several things I won't turn down-- free fancy french desserts being one of them.

In the dim lighting of her living room I didn't see a tiny white patch on the surface until it was in my mouth. Earth. The taste of fresh-tilled earth. It is not a good thing to taste in your dessert. Looking at the foil lid, the printed date said 10/06/09. Still good.

And then it hit me. OH WAIT. It's Europe so they reverse the day and month in that date format. Meaning I scarfed down weeks-old expired dairy (they also don't really use preservatives).

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