June 12, 2009

sour grapes are just lonely grapes

This is what things look like from a rooftop in Brooklyn. My friend Sam's rooftop, specifically. I used the "night scenery" setting on my camera. It was actually significantly darker outside. But that lovely violet color is true. There is beauty in urban light pollution sometimes, yes.

I think the whole deal about living in the city, particularly Brooklyn, is just to see how many rooftops can you conquer, in how many neighborhoods.

Being on a rooftop is the equivalent of taking a pill whose purpose is to fill you with a feeling of inexplicable euphoria, invincibility and self-entitlement. You can spy on the lofts across the street, you can yell shit at people down below, you can throw stuff on them too, you can escape floods and board helicopters. Most importantly, you can BBQ.

After a day of lazy errands gathering supplies from craft stores in Manhattan for when I attempted some Martha Stewartesque home decorating project, I hopped a train at Third Ave only to bump into a friendly face on a dreary day.
I must say, Manhattan has some very keen timing. Even when you think it's against you, it still has some spot on timing. The city is always smaller than you think it is. Because you could be walking around alone all day in the rain and then Oh look wasn't I just thinking about you and there you are when the doors open in front of me.

I walk around the city on a good day and I walk around it on a bad day.
It's like the expired tortellini I ate for dinner tonight.
When it's good, it's good. And when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

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K-Hawk said...

I like this. A lot.

Uhmmmmmmmm when are we hanging out again? kthnx