July 2, 2009

as long as you live/ as long as you want

This is it. This is your early twenties. Barely your twenty-somethings. You are in your early twenties. Commence premature quarter-life crisises now. Commence all the teenage self-fulfilling prophesies now. Commence the peak of your youth now. There is nothing you can do about it. Shopkeepers and pretty waitresses will call you Ma'am and Sir and you will feel weird about it. When they call you Mr. So and So you will say Mr. So and So is my dad. And they will probably just blink at you, nonplussed but not really.

10 centuries ago, reaching your early twenties was a big deal.
Now that I'm here, I am seriously considering making a big deal.

Today is my birthday. I am 23 years old.


ryan said...

happy birthday sable yong

adam said...

at twenty-three you have to start pretending to be an adult seriously

be happy

a(rossin) said...

the kids at work call me Mr. Rossin. It's moderately upsetting.

happy birthday!


jesus christ. way to describe my life. 23 also, quarter life crisis also.