July 22, 2009

eat like a king of a third world nation

One of my favorite things to do is cook a lot of delicious food with friends and then eat that food. Also with friends. This is what I did last night. Before we did this, we had to garner supplies at the local grocery store in a local Polish neighborhood. All of the young cashier girls there are stringy blondes who gossip to each other in Polish and dress like the late 90s. It makes me nostalgic for old cop action movies of the late 90s (True Lies?).

They also have lots of things you wouldn't find in an ordinary supermarket in middle America, or a more suburban portion of it. Lots of Polish snacks and condiments. Lots of Pierogies.

Here are some things that caught my eye.

Exhibit A:
"Family INTENSE" coffee. For those intense mornings with your family?

B: Hannah Montana cereal consisting of red and black corn puff looking things.

C: "Secret Identity Cereal"
... I'm sorry, what? So the cereal's identity is secret, or am I for eating it? Also are the red ones Miley Stewart and the Black ones Hannah, or the other way around?

D: "Sweet Enough." I hope someone got fired for that poor marketing phraseology. That just sounds like the cereal you had to settle for because everything was too sweet or not sweet. Nobody likes settling when it comes to breakfast fare. Except maybe Goldilocks. Where is Goldilocks? Not in this aisle, this is for sure.

I've started grading the resumes that come into my work for grammar and spelling. I know you can't see this very well but my favorite line under Objectives was "To reach higher standards and stay focus more on the things im aiming for. To map out and blue print every future finace move I make.Really try to meet the standards that I want to meet in life."

That isn't the worst of it. The worst of it I can't even transcribe since this cell phone pic is so blurry. Sounds like a winner. A winner with a construction paper crown.


Alaina Stamatis said...

ssssstrange i'm totally in the same room as that flavor of Newman's Own cereal. the title Sweet Enough appealed to my friend Tim [and me too but i didn't buy it] because we actually hate a common amt of sweetness, as found in sweet teas, cupcakes, regular cakes, well-meaning cheerful ppl, etc etc

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

I know they mean well. But it just sounds kind of sad and unfulfilling.

(oh)joneses said...

He clearly cut first period English (and all of H.S. and college) to write that resume.
Whoops. I wish that you could steal these and scan them for everyone's viewing pleasure