July 23, 2009

mixtape 2: fuck/kill/marry

This one's a little more aggressive I guess. Aggressively abundant.

Oh and I woke up to a friend request from this girl on my music myspace page. Look at her page song, or whatever you call that feature. It's Spaghetti Western! Huzzah!
Verdict is, I should do more Elliot Smith covers, I guess.

Andrew came over and we worked on some demos. I didn't leave the house all day, it was so miserably wet outside. And then Adrian got home and saw all the music equipment on the table (Thanks Simone for the mini keyboard!) and questioned my sudden techno-hording.

"Did you make music today?"
"Wait. You make music?"
"Can I hear it?"

I reluctantly gave up the link, considering he would've found it anyway, and it's not like I hadn't publicly posted it on facebook, and away messages, and even linked it on this blog amongst other forums probably. I told him he could listen to it as long as I wasn't in the room.
So he blasts it from his room. All the way down the awkward narrow hallway of our de-railroaded apartment. Jerk.
I cringed. And then we watched the home-video-quality recording of my senior project (self-directed/produced/written/performed play. More cringing.

I found this old doodle of a fat jellyfish I made using fabric swatches (and sequins?) when I was a mini assistant designer at the old fashion office a few years back. I showed Adrian.
He commented, "So all you do is use corporate resources to doodle..."

There's been this fat fly that lives in our kitchen. Just the one. For probably 4 days now. Still alive. Zooming around, eating our crumbs, not paying rent. Bum! He's un-swattable. How do I get rid of him? I don't like his gross creepy fly noises he makes. And the way he rubs his little fly hands together like he's scheming. He's scheming, isn't he...

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