July 6, 2009

the tiniest fist in the air

This is what I did with the new point-and-shoot my parents got me for my birthday.
This is what the macro setting does. Poop. That's what.

I call it "Ode to all the Sonofabitch Mosquitos in Brooklyn"

I received this in the mail today. I could've received it two days ago, or the day before that, or the day before that. Truth is, Adrian and I never check the mail because the one mailbox key is hanging on a hook next to our door. Very inconvenient. We check the mail when we are waiting for something, or when I come home and am okay with the idea of going up the stairs twice.
Anyway, I am glad I did check the mail today because I received a lovely Par Avion from Adam Coates. Enclosed were "somethings by people and me."

Things I didn't know:
Adam Coates is from the UK.

Things I did know:
I am really itchy right now.

I read the whole thing. Some of them twice. Because single sentences can sometimes be read very quickly in succession. Hopefully my Par Avion will be just as great.

Before that, I was literally chased around my kitchen by a zebra mosquito. It was very aggressive and bit my feet a lot. I waited for it to land on me and killed it.
They are tiny, mosquitos, but their greedy bloodthirst makes them sloppy and stupid and easy for my hand to squish the life out of them. Stupid Asshole.


adam said...

yey, but no so much for the mosquitos

lauren. said...

i love the font you use on your blog! what is it called?

Echo said...

So, i just spent a bunch of hours looking at your blog instead of working. I don't mean to sound like some kind of crazy stalker, but your blog is awesome and i thought i'd let you know!


blaine said...

i didn't know you were keeping tabs on my pizzas. how did you end up over on my page anyway?

hit me with your best cupcake recipe and i will rep your name like i ride my unicycles and mutton chops.

Echo said...

Yeah. I kind of have blog ocd. Have to keep it all separated.

blaine said...

aww thats a shame but not eating the cupcakes. i make a nice cake sometimes.

commandeer that recipe for me and i'll be eternally grateful.

i have some questions about printing for you. drop me a line where i can reach you on my page or something.