August 31, 2009

catfight fodder

Oh hey Photobooth. I've stopped wearing my contacts so much.

This blazer originally cost more than my rent.

Something like twice a year, things that cost more than your rent can become attainable and affordable for you if you are cunning, resourceful and tenacious. If you are willing to battle the die-hard fashionistas of New York City (something like 45% of which appeared to be Korean today), putting your extremities, dignity and wallet at severe risk. Such is the Barney's Warehouse Sale. Where there are large white signs with bold helvetica font proclaiming, "Shut up and shop" and "Nobody likes a slob, shop more" and a list of rules: "No refunds, no elbowing, no fist fights, no bargaining..." etc.

Upon entering, you are subject to airport-like security, you must check all your bags (and are handed little clear plastic bags to hold your cell phone, wallet or other things you want to keep with you while you shop) and travel down long gray fluorescent lit corridors to the warehouse in which metal shelves of sky high designer heels and racks upon racks of haute couture are being picked over by manic women while their disgruntled boyfriends/husbands are dragged along. There is no dressing room, only a wall where some cheap full-length mirrors are tacked and women are disrobing and hastily trying on garments all while trying to claim a good enough spot to view the mirror. The behavior of these women is outrageous. I think it's very funny.

It's kind of like hunting. But more satisfying and in the end you will not put food on the table- in fact you will leave broker but chicer, so maybe a new Prada gown will at least score you a date so you can get fed.
None of what I just said was okay.

Whatever, I love my new blazer. My room looks messy.


(oh)joneses said...

everything that you said was okay. the blazer is cute and all but what i'm really all about are your flowing locks. foxy.

adam said...

flowing fox