August 10, 2009

the circle of (the end of my) life

This is the second time I have seen this same Pomeranian prancing down the same street while out with B in her neighborhood.

Immediately she went all squeaky high pitched, cooing, "LOOK AT THAT LITTLE PUFFIN!"

"He's soo round! He is so perfectly round!" I exclaimed.

And he was. The little puff skittered across Grand street, a ball of fur trying to keep up with the man attached to his leash.
We almost got hit by oncoming traffic from both directions gawking at this Pomeranian/puffin death distraction. That thing happened where one outcome of my life's end flashed before my eyes.
My dying words would be "He was so... perfectly... ROUND!" As I lay on the street internally bleeding probably, cupping my hands into a circle to emphasize the rotundness of this pup.

We trotted as quick as we cared to, to the nearest Yolatery because that is what girls do: eat frozen yogurt together. Dairy was probably a bad choice when 90 degrees of humidity hits you like a truck soon as you go outside. It was soon frogurt soup.

We went to the bar where her boyfriend works and played foosball and she housed me good. Sometimes bars on weeknights are depressing. When there are 5 people at the watering hole and one cheeky bartender and this club soda in front of my face. And no more Yolato because I ate it too quickly. Damnit.

I built a fort underneath Adrian's loft bed because his room has the AC and Jeebus Christmas it's hot enough for Southern scandals. He did not believe me until I was draping a black flat sheet over the opening as to form a canopy surrounding the futon, threw my bedding, laptop and book underneath and dove in, never to resurface. Until I have to wake up tomorrow.

I am in my fort. You cannot come into my fort.


adam said...

it looks like a small bear

Laura Taylor said...


ryan said...


Alaina Stamatis said...

i want it for GLOVES

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