September 10, 2009

The Callback

Is it weird that I find Quentin Tarantino weirdly attractive? Ever since the first movie I saw of his- From Dusk Til Dawn (which also nurtured my googly-eyed girl crush on George Clooney until Batman and Robin ultimately decimated it).
Brilliant weirdoes are my thing, I guess. In a fantasy football kind of way, rather than in reality, because I also have a fear of brilliant weirdos in the sense that I'm afraid it's going to be like a Saw situation or they may harvest my organs or something scary like that. There's a fine line.

He's an oddball for sure, but never ceases to entertain me with witty dialogue, iconic characters, and some of the most BA (ie. Badass) female characters (albeit a bunch of them are crazies) in my generation of fucktitude. Also, he makes the choicest selections for soundtracks EVER.

Oh and that's Diane Kruger. She's pretty and stuff, I suppose.

Inglourious Basterds is a very good movie.


(oh)joneses said...

i thought everyone had a huge boner for QT. i mean check those initials out!

Hannah said...

oh my god imagine if they had babies together, they would be the most gorgeous geniuses ever. inglorious basters was fantastic, i loved brad pitt's 'italian' accent.