September 27, 2009

Chairman Maow

B and I visited a local animal shelter this afternoon with a couch-surfing guest of her boyfriends'. We went with the intention of seeing the bunnies they supposedly kept but upon arrival we were informed that there was only one. One bunny. THE bunny.
"Hello, excuse me. Can we visit with the bunnies today?" B politely asked the man at the front desk.
"Bunny. You mean the bunny. We only got one," he snorted. "Fill out the volunteer form and then you can go right up. It's in the cat sanctuary. And the chicken too."

The cat sanctuary was a lofted area of the shelter in which about 2 dozen cages kept cats available for adoption while some other permanent residents just catted about the space. A paper taped to the door instructed the visitor to "Enter and exit quickly please so as not to let the cats escape."

The smell was overbearing and disgusting. I don't have pet allergies but I held my breath, the air was so damp with pet sweat and litter box odor. I noticed that the nice older ladies who worked there and assisted us in interacting with the cats, her hands and wrists were all scratched up with freshly scabbed wounds. Yeesh.

B cooed over all the fat cats and the few kittens who playfully swiped at your hands and teethed anything in sight. I was more interested in this snow-white fellow, a permanent resident who looked on complacently, bored, nonchalant (as most cats are).

The cat in the cage he is staring at has a sign on the cage stating "Caution: Do not put face too close to cage." As I poised to read it, the subject inside mewed sadly and rubbed his ears on the cage bars. I don't know if cats can pout, but it pouted at me. I raised my hand to the bars and it went for the swipe, claws extended. I now understood the reason for the warning. However, giving me the Eyes? It was strangely manipulatively disturbing.

The white one leapt up on this baby chair to stare down naughty swipey cat. I named him Chairman Maow, political ambassador to the Cat Sanctuary.


Look how nonchalant he is. How do cats get so nonchalant?

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