September 27, 2009

a girl and her boots

These Guess combat boots were a Xmas gift from my mom 3 years ago. They're pretty much my go-to footwear for anything. And I feel "tough" in them. Even if there are gold zipper and grommet detailing. Walking home tonight in the rain and sloshing through puddles reminded me why they are perfect. I'll wear them to death, or they'll wear me. We'll see.

Oh and I almost got smooshed by a car collision when I was crossing the road one block from my apartment. A sedan peeling around a left turn was hit by oncoming traffic in the form of an SUV and they both skidded towards me, spraying bits of bumper, license plate frames and general vehicle debris everywhere. I scampered out of the way, just in time!
Distant voices from across the streets in the projects bellowed, "Aw shit! You see that car just get fucked up? Shiiit!"

Nobody was seriously injured and my life did not flash before my eyes.

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