September 25, 2009

I wanna talk to Samson

Since when does a "trim just to chop off the dead ends" equal lopping off a good 2 inches of hair? SINCE WHEN! Those last 2 inches were the best parts! Albeit they were dry and split-endy but still! They were the oldest and therefore wisest parts of my hair that have been on my head the longest. Now they are long gone in some trash bin in Chinatown.

I commemorate those lost hairs and all they have done for my mane by making it look LONGER and therefore more majestic. Now it's back to boring old 'mid-length' as they say in style books for hair. This is going to take at least another 2 months to get back. Merde.
Looks like it's ODing on vitamin E and Biotin for the next month, for me!

I realize I must sound super vain. But certain times of the month make me more self-conscious about my body. I'll let you guess when.


adam said...

still pretty

Aunt Flo said...

Ack, I think we're synced up *and* I just had 2 inches cut off my head too!
From lioness to kitten with a mere snip...I feel ya.