September 18, 2009

there's no such thing as a cowardly lion

Nothing says, "It's Autmn, Mothatruckas!" like sweet gratuitous outerwear.

Observe this faux fur stole I nabbed from H&M this evening.

May my shoulders and neck never be inconvenienced by a chilly gale once more!
Also, may PETA refrain from throwing red paint on me!

Unlike this savory number from Bally:

A rich Burgundy some-sorta-animal fur neck scarf/could probably be a hood too. Soft as a box of Persian kitties!

My hunt for the perfect, affordable (e.g. disposable, considering I get bored of Fall outerwear every year past) cape or capelette (Or the opposite of "lette" in this case) drew me to this crazy kimono-sleeved coat (?) at the LV store on Fifth. I could probably go grocery shopping with those sleeves.


adam said...

you look so proud-happy in the last photo
i like it

(oh)joneses said...

you could definitely go steeeealing with those sleeves. considering the cost, you would have to.