September 8, 2009

things found in my bag vol. ii

Since I'm taking inventory:

  • One Betsey Johnson make-up purse (containing an assortment of lip stuff, a hand mirror, band-aid, small atomizer of perfume, etc)
  • One pair sunglasses bought from a street Vendor on St. Marks
  • One Marc Jacobs change purse
  • One card/ID case
  • One travel size pack of Kleenex
  • One 6oz tube of hand lotion (black currant & vanilla)
  • One hair clippy clip with one missing prong/tooth
  • One reporter style Moleskine notebook
  • One silver ball point pen with my name engraved on it
  • Assorted receipts
  • One Blackberry
  • One iPod shuffle

They say, a lot can be told about a women from the contents of her purse. This may be embarrassing in the common/practical nature of all these items.


(oh)joneses said...

i was just telling alaina of how i loved when you used to empty the contents of your purse for all the world to see.

DJ Berndt said...

a pen with your name engraved in it? Awesome.

Simone said...

you don't really want to see what's in my bag. seriously.

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

It was a gift! The pen, I mean.