October 7, 2009

don't worry, I never said they were unattractive

According to some internet sources, hipsters, which nobody is really able to give a solid definition of other than a vaguely stated distaste for them, are to be the end-all of counter-culture and future trends if our current group of sub-culture is one of them self-hatin' sub-cultures. And since they don't actually speak up for themselves, I am forced to side with the writer of this article.

I once had this really brilliant, but also really kind of scary college professor for acting classes who gave me this appendix of character archetypes and said that every person possessed the basic universal set of archetypes: The Child, Prostitute, Victim, Vampire and Saboteur. Aside from our inner child who we always keep, the people we become as we are grown are prone to sacrificing or compromising our integrity for personal gain, we self-depricate so we can be approved, we feed off the energy of others for this and sometimes our insecurities make us choose things that block our own success and empowerment.

Taking that all in, and in the scope of modern youth which is already all over the place, I'm convinced that people my age and younger are going to spend their whole 20's trying to figure out their own identities rather than going out and getting careers and bringing home bacon and that stuff. Maybe a lot of that manifests into a subculture of skinny-jeans-wearing, Deep-V-flashing, indie-music-listening, Ray-Bans-clad, unwashed, unkempt, asymmetrical cool kids that people can't ignore even though that's probably all they would like to do, and really they maybe ought to give it a rest already because it doesn't seem to be doing anything anyway.

But its okay, hipsters, because now those skeptical (and probably conventionally attractive) beraters can now focus their tongue-lashings on a whole new group of self-denying subcultural syndicates, from concentrate. As in, while everyone's been picking on hipsters, all those kids who are totally gay for vampires are making television and film producers think it's okay to release shows like The Vampire Diaries... and call it The Vampire Diaries (I would be okay with this if the name was not so Princess Diaries meets Buffy).

I understand Twilight-- teen sci-fi has it's own following and so does that guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter 4. When books get turned into films, everyone who loved the book is always up in arms about whether the film will do the book justice (the answer is never, accept it forever), okay cool whatever. But somehow that movie made teenage vampires the new hipsters. It doesn't hurt that they already kind of look alike and have common interests. I mean, think about it, Vampire vs. Hipster:


Oh and wasn't that girl in the Lost Boys' name Star? That is the only thing I remember from that movie.


Simone said...

so, the vampire diaries is also based off a series of books popular in the 90's with the same name. came out before meyer. has less fame for doing so.

also, the dad from gilmore girls is in the lost boys. he plays as like the leader but no one knows it until the end when he tries to kill corey haim's mom.

ryan said...